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QuickBooks Hosting – Covering the Abyss between IT and Accounting Operations:


IT is swiftly becoming an indispensable part of business globalization today. As the dawn of corporate competitiveness is taking over, the challenges faced by the small and medium scale business players are growing on a massive scale. The threats of lagging in the corporate race instigate in SMBs, the spirit to cling to a safer pathway, thereby surpassing the hitches in progressive business growth.


Confined by a limited staff and capital resources, organizations battle to meet the exceeding demands of business. In such an edgy corporate setting, small business firms, CPAs and individual clients alike, find themselves on the crossroads with few options that may include suspension of invention, delay in modernization, delivery of services regardless of reliability and security considerations and non-compliance with the promised quality.


The smarter way to break these bonds is to follow the ‘Cloud’ pathway. When business intensive IT infrastructure is pooled with modernized corporate strategies, enhanced operative efficacy and simplified solutions, business organizations can gain a competitive edge. Holding a strong niche in structuring complex and customer-centric cloud environments for easy accounting, offers safe and hassle-free Enterprise-class QuickBooks Cloud hosting solutions.


Generally, the job of finding the right professional tax software for your firm and personal practice can be quite an overwhelming job. ATX tax software is the most effective medium for establishing a foundation for building a detailed tax report and is also one of the leading tax software that can fulfill all the objectives of the professionals of tax and accounting.


Number of benefits with the ATX software is explained here:


1.  24X 7 Access


Productivity increases multifold with ATX Tax Software Hosting since it gives users the power to access their tax software from anywhere, at any instance of time. This is not just good for productivity, but also provides you a general sense of ease since all your tax returns are always with you all the time via internet.


2. Relaible and Faster


Hosting the tax software on the cloud is the best way to obtain high speed entries and data reliability. With service providers promising backups up to 4 weeks, this is the best way to secure your data.


3. Integration


Hosting the tax software onto the cloud supports integration as it allows data imports from add-ons such as Excel, Peachtree and QuickBooks. The service also offers paperless storage of clients’ PDF documents and add-on document management.


4. Security


Security has always been the chief concern and thus most service providers assure the users of complete data security and nightly backups.


5. Multi-User Accessibility


Multiple users can have access to the details such as tax returns, applications and related documents which is why it is termed a Multi-user environment. This is where the difference significantly arises between a desktop deployment and hosting the software on the cloud, as with the latter the productivity is achieved throughout the day.


6. Escalated Productivity


With all the hardware outsourced to the service provider, the users can focus on their core business only thus enabling them to increase their productivity significantly.


With services like all time access, integration and data security, this can be called a one-in-all service, which makes it a great option for organizations that are looking to expand and diversify their business.

Drake is tax software developed to cater all accounting needs, making it an all-in-one solution for professionals. The software is hassle-free and provides smooth tax filing and the preparations that go along with it. The idea of hosting this software onto the cloud is a promising venture since it provides the services required by employees to give the organization a cutting edge over competitors. The software provides users the ability to access their data from anywhere in the world, at any instance, along with smooth and timely tax preparation.


The benefits of hosting the Drake tax software on the cloud are as mentioned below:


1. Cost Effective


With no investments to be made for the hardware, data centers and their management, the workforce is now free to concentrate on the core business and revenue generation for the company instead of concentrating on the activities to maintain the hardware. Hosting the software on the cloud makes tax preparation faster and in a more time and cost efficient way.


2. All Time Access


The cloud also enables data access from any place, anytime. This enables employees to keep a check on their data and be productive even when they’re on the move. Such a service makes the organization more productive and delivers a general sense of ease, making tax filings possible on the move with just an internet connection.


3. Reliable and Faster


Hosting the tax software on the cloud is the best way to obtain high speed entries and data reliability. Service providers promising backups up to 4 weeks, make your data more secure.


4. Multi-User Accessibility


Another feature of the service is that it lets multiple users to have an access to the details such as tax returns, applications and related documents. This is where the difference significantly appears between a desktop deployment and hosting the software on the cloud, as with the latter the productivity is achieved throughout the day.


5. Easy Setup


Hosting the Drake tax software on the cloud enables the users to access their data without the need of any external application. Furthermore, users do not need to worry about managing, updating and maintaining the Drake software as that shall be covered by the service provider. Such features can save precious time and money.


6. Integration


Data integration from other environments is another major feature of this service. It allows data imports and exports from the Microsoft Office applications, enabling filing tax returns directly after the data exchange.


The hosted Drake software can meet almost any requirement of today’s accountant, making it the go-to option for many.

Lacerte tax software is widely considered as the benchmark accounting software for taxation and accounting by accountants. The reason for its popularity is the integration of data collection, tax preparation and practice management. It can work on multiple clients and provide the results in lesser time. The hosting of Lacerte Tax Software is quite beneficial for the company as it provides more than just normal software services. Advantages of using Hosted Lacerte tax software are many, here are some of them.


1. Anytime, anywhere access


One of the most essential advantages of any Hosted service is its ease of access. The productivity is highly increased and makes the work easy. You can do the pending tax work on the move, on a system that doesn’t belong to you and this is done with a great deal of security.


2. Cost saving


The other great advantage is the saving of cost. To install a software on every system is costly than to get it hosted. Moreover it is more secure and productive. The important time taken up during setting-up and installation is also saved, thus making the work more productive.


3. Real time review


The client can review the taxation work done by the tax preparer in real time. In this way, full cooperation of both parties is achieved.


4. Multi-user access


With one multi-user license, the entire office can use the software. This makes the process highly dynamic and saves the time of installing the software on every system.


5. QuickBooks integration


QuickBooks and Lacerte Tax Software can be integrated, if hosted on same terminal server. In this way, valuable time spent in preparation of data is saved, as the accounting data can be directly imported.


6. Data security


The important tax work done is safe from any breach from a malicious worker. Moreover, it is also secured from any physical damage due to natural disaster or fire incidents.


7. Technical support


Get free 24×7 technical supports on any query or problem encountered during the operation of tax calculation. This is unimaginable if the software is used locally.


Peachtree accounting software hosting, as of the 2013 edition, has now been re-christened Sage 50. It is a business management software product published by the Sage group.


The software makes your business life much easier by adapting to your needs and taking full control of your business. You can dynamically spend more time growing your business rather than staying busy in other tedious unimportant chores. Usually, it is designed for people who indulge in small businesses. It implements an easy-to-use formula that provides robust core accounting and business management features on-the-go.


Some salient features of Peachtree software hosting are mentioned below.


• Anytime anywhere accessibility!

• Cost reduction prowess-Eliminates IT support and management costs. Additionally, it comes at a fixed monthly price nullifying the fear of budget of escalation

• Multiple user accessibility features

• Humungous global client base

• Multi-file accessibility with a single log-on

• Robust data security – Comes with automated accounting checkups and screen level security reinforcing data integrity

• Automated recovery and data backup – Daily backups in multiple locations along with the option of local user backup cements this feature

• Free 24/7 /365 days a year support

• Always be dynamically updated with the latest hosting technology

• Provides the flexibility to choose any Peachtree software version for hosting

• There is also the possibility of incorporating a few add-ons-Remote solutions, online backup, ACT and other third party add-ons which remarkably enhance the functionality of Sage 50


Sage 50 or Peachtree software hosting is a feasible choice for the underlying situations:


• The client no longer requires the day-to-day operational hassle and wants the hosting service provider to take care of these aspects instead.

• The user doesn’t possess a concrete infrastructure for IT support operations.

• The business by definition necessitates that the Peachtree accounting software is implemented without any geographical or time bounds along with multi-user accessibility.


Some additional practical real-time benefits in its armory:


Sage 50 Accounting software 2013 now accompanies Sage Business Care which provides limitless customer service access, installation support, automated updates etc. Moreover, it offers invoicing, project tracking, purchasing, check writing, swift startup, robust inventory, bank transactions, operation costing, audit trails and more.


The jump from Peachtree to Sage 50 has its added benefits and features:


• Waste-free check printing -  Saving paper costs by sacrificing additional check forms.

• Clients can now launch social media campaigns internally thanks to a new Sage E-Marketing service.

• International users are now permitted to enter amounts with up to 14 digits before decimal and 5 digits after.

• An improved QuickBooks Conversion utility.


Precisely, Sage 50 not only provides the whole CPA package but it caters to all the non-accounting needs as well. Hence, as the name implies, Peachtree Accounting software hosting is wholesome and complete.

Proseries Tax software is one of the most popular and user-friendly tax software in the market. It is efficiently designed to help tax practitioners handle their taxation loads with ease. To use Proseries on Cloud as a hosted service makes the taxing job and experience easier.


Some of the features provided by Proseries Tax Software Hosting are:


1. Efficient and Quick Results


The combination of high speed terminal servers and the accurate calculations of Proseries are to behold. The tax job done on cloud is error free, efficient and has a surety that it would not get rejected.


2. Data Reliability and Safety


The data uploaded for calculation of tax return is duly backed up for future references to make sure that the data used is reliable. The backing up also means that if original data is lost or destroyed you have the same data still available.


3. Cost Effective


If a service is on cloud, it has to be cost effective. And with Proseries Tax Software Hosting, the case is no different. The provider gives a 24×7 technical support. Also, there is no initial cost of setting up the network or wastage of time in installing the software.

4. Access Anytime, Anywhere


Using Proseries Tax Software on cloud makes it much easier to work with. One can access it from anywhere with just an internet connection. So, no need to carry your laptop everywhere you go.


5. Multi-User Access


Many users can simultaneously work on the same project, making it more quick and efficient. The clients and tax practitioners can work in tandem and iron out minute details which otherwise would cause big inaccuracies in the final result.


6. Add-Ons


Hosting Proseries helps integration with its add-ons like Proseries forms library. These add-ons help in importing of the data. The cumbersome process of data entry is eliminated, making the tax job quite productive and time saving.

Just like any other service, using Proseries Tax Software on the cloud enhances the experience; the results more accurate, efficient and quick.

Sage ACT is one of the best Customer Relationship Management [CRM] software. It is designed to keep you engaged in significant and meaningful client conversations simultaneously nurturing consistent, long-lasting and profitable relationships.


CRM software is an invaluable tool detrimental to the growth and the management of any business thus enhancing productivity and service quality, with the primary focus on the client. It is one the most widely used CRM software which is conceptualized especially for small and medium businesses, efficiently streamlining policies and processes, thereby unifying the outlook related to client interaction.


Some significant characteristic features ACT provides:

1. Remedy to economical woes

2. Anytime, anywhere database access eliminating any fixed office costs

3. Nullifying setup, maintenance and IT infrastructure support worries

4. High security standards

5. Strong rolling and secure backup solutions

6. Multi-user accessibility

7. Excellent free support with no time bounds

8. Advanced technology

9. PAY-AS-YOU-GO is the mantra


ACT CRM can prove beneficial when it comes to meeting the underlying objectives:


1. Business strategy forecasting:
Aids in developing business perspectives, strategies and formulating dynamic response to the needs of the market.


2. Collaboration among various departments:
Customer feedback and query-response systems help implement effective collaboration and client retention.
3. Customer information organization:
Complete customer knowledge as a pre-requisite helps in giving the customer relationship a personal touch.



ACT! CRM Functional benefits:

1. Remarkably fast server speed

2. No additional technical assistance is required

3. 24×7 support services with quick troubleshooting

4. Manages all client information in a single place

5. Compatible with handheld devices,  Microsoft Outlook and other popular products

6. An optimum security environment is established with the use of firewalls,  antivirus software and intrusion detection systems

7. Facility to choose from any of the suitable ACT Hosting solutions so that each user category finds the most qualitative CRM hosting service


Various Hosting options provided by ACT [Sage Hosting]:


ACT For Web


Database is hosted on a virtual server acting like a dedicated server. Local backup, dual backup, printing features and freedom from accessibility bounds are some of the features provided.


Hosting on Terminal servers


Premium for web is installed on the latest Microsoft terminal servers. Clients are able to access CRM as a local desktop interface.


Web Sync


This synchronization by definition means that the clients can automatically connect to a centralized database enjoying simultaneous access to its online version as well.


ACT QuickBooks and Peachtree Integration


ACT Hosting Software can be integrated with various accounting applications such as QuickBooks and Peachtree. The benefits of such collaborations enhance the productivity and the effectiveness of the CRM software by providing end-to-end solutions on the go.


Below mentioned are some premium ACT CRM Versions.

1. ACT! Premium Solutions

2. ACT! CRM for Real Estate

3. ACT! CRM for Financial Professionals

4. ACT! Link Mobile Solutions

5. ACT! Corporate Edition

ACT Hosting is one of the most top-rated client management software on the international scale with a fan base of over 2.7 million satisfied clients. The hosting makes it possible to finally move beyond the desktop applications.


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